Technologies Powerpoint Templates

Free Technologies PPT Template Designs Backgrounds.
Free technology backgrounds for PowerPoint has lot of colorful pixels, data and information slide designs as well as networking images and bit illustrations with zeros and ones.

A Plane on Sky Backgrounds

A Plane on Sky

A Plane On Sky powerpoint template is a nice background design that consisted of a plane imane on sky as a background. This template can be used in introduction of air companies, airlines companies advertisements and travel presentations.

Gsm World Background

Gsm World

Gsm World powerpoint template is a free blue abstract background design with the world map image and orbits around the world over the blur background color that can be useful for transport and communication events, technological and business presentations.

Inside of the Computer Background

Inside of the Computer

Inside Of The Computer powerpoint background is a nice background design for your especially technical and technological chips and cables over the green table that can be used by scientists and computer engineers.

Robot and Clouds Background

Robot and Cloud

This free Robot And Clouds powerpoint template is a nice funny design with the robot and clouds as a background that can help you to decorate your powerpoint presentations.

Red Machinery Background

Red Machinery

Red Machinery powerpoint template is nice for machine presentations. It has consisted of red wheels and curved lines on the background that can be used in mechanical presentations or any presentations about wheels, machines.

Blue Slide PPT Backgrounds

Blue Slide

Blue Slide Powerpoint template is a perfect design with technological items and pluses over the black background that can be convenient for all technical or technological presentations.

Arrows on Dark Backgrounds

Arrows on Dark

Arrows on Dark Blue Powerpoint template is a nice abstract design with arrows over a dark background color that is very suitable for financial events and business presentations.

Tecnological Labirent Backgrounds

Tecnological Labirent

Technological Labirent Powerpoint backgrounds is a free background design with lines as a labirent over a blue background color that is very suitable for technological, technical, mechanical, project events, technological equipments and business presentations.

Love Conversation Powerpoint Templates

Love Conversation

Love Conversation Powerpoint template is a perfect lovely design with speech bubbles image and hearts over a light background color that is ready to use for love presentations, chat events and online datings.

Music On Powerpoint Backgrounds

Music On

Music On Powerpoint template is a simple music template design with a music player image on the navy blue background that can be perfect choice for music news, informations, albums and events.

Code World Powerpoint Templates

Code World

This free "Code World" powerpoint template is a financial design with a world map image and graphics on the blue background that you can create impressive business presentations and financial highlights.

orange TV Powerpoint Backgrounds

orange TV

Orange TV powerpoint template is a perfect media design with a television image and orange lines over the grey background color that can be useful for mediatic purposes.

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