Thursday, July 18, 2019

Free love Slide Templates

Love Sheep Background
Animals & Wildlife

Love Sheep

Love Sheep powerpoint background is another abstract funny design with sheeps and hearts on the grey background color that can be used for funny events, parties, love presentations and special days.

Eros Love Background

Eros Love

Eros Love powerpoint background was designed for your powerpoint love presentations. This powerpoint template has consisted of Eros illustration with arrows that can be convenient for Valentine's day or another special days.

Love Signiture Background

Love Signiture

Love Signiture powerpoint template is a nice background a red heart image over the pink background color that can be suitable for love and special day presentations.

Floral Heart Pattern Backgrounds

Floral Heart Pattern

Floral Heart Pattern Powerpoint template is a great abstract love design with floral heart patterns on the pink background color that is very suitable for love events and romantic presentations.

Love Conversation Powerpoint Templates

Love Conversation

Love Conversation Powerpoint template is a perfect lovely design with speech bubbles image and hearts over a light background color that is ready to use for love presentations, chat events and online datings.

Love Swirls Powerpoint Templates

Love Swirls

Love Swirls Powerpoint template is a red style love template design for lover that is very suitable for Valentine season and special days.

Sky Love PPT Backgrounds
Aqua / CyanLove

Sky Love

This free Sky Love powerpoint template is a nice abstract design with angel illustration sleeping on the clouds and heart image over a white background that can be used in many purposes.

3D Glass Rose Backgrounds
3D GraphicsLoveOrangeRed

3D Glass Rose

This 3d Glass Rose powerpoint designed specifically for couples day of wedding anniversary or other special events. The surface is designed with red roses on the brown background. Also it is decorated with antique patterns.

Love Candies PPT Backgrounds

Love Candies

Love Candies powerpoint template is a lovely background design with a big heart candy image and yellow border over the green background that can be convenient for many purposes.

Love Garden Powerpoint Backgrounds

Love Garden

Love Garden Powerpoint template is perfect abstract love design with flowers form of hearts, clouds and a long way image as a background that is very suitable for love and romantic presentations.

Floral Love Powerpoint Template

Floral Love

This Floral Love Powerpoint template is a good template to share with the people you love. You can use it in conjunction with a love design templates.

Charcoal Tulips Powerpoint Templates

Charcoal Tulips

This free Charcoal Tulips powerpoint backgrounds has tulips flower design ground and you can use this background for presentations related with nature, garden or design presentations.

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