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Flowers Powerpoint Templates

Download Free Flowers Template for Powerpoint.
Free Design with Flowers for PowerPoint presentations. Free Flower PowerPoint templates and backgrounds under this category can be used to make awesome floral PowerPoint slides with nice designs for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010.

Blue Floral Swrills Backgrounds

Blue Floral Swirlls

Blue Floral Swrills powerpoint template has white background color that contains abstract floral and curved effects on the background. This template is modern design that is very suitable for modern events and powerpoint presentations.

Autumn Leaves Backgrounds

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves powerpoint template is a wonderful autumn template with black herbage and autumn leaves over a white background color. This template is a nice abstract design and it is very suitable to using in art designs, season events, herbal product advertisements and cosmetic presentations.

Abstract Pink Rose Backgrounds

Abstract Pink Rose

Abstract Pink Rose powerpoint template is a perfect rose image design that contains a beige color paper as a background. This template can be used as a letter paper or invitation card.

Abstract Pink Flowers Backgrounds

Pink Flowers

Abstract Pink Flowers powerpoint background is a great floral design with pink flowers and leafs on the background that is very suitable for floral presentations, fasgion events and cosmetic products advertisements.

Abstract Palm Leaf Backgrounds

Abstract Palm Leaf

This free Abstract Palm Leaf powerpoint template is ideal for natural and environmental presentations. This template is an abstract design that contains a palm leaf on the green background that can also be used in your travel or holiday plans.

Abstract Flower on Green Backgrounds

Flower on Green

Abstract Flower On Green powerpoint template is a free abstract flower background design with a sunflower illustration on the green background color that is very suitable for vegetable oil industry, cosmetic products, art events and natural powerpoint presentations.

Tiger Lily on Red Backgrounds

Tiger Lily on Red

Tiger Lily On Red powerpoint template is a great background design with the lilies and butterfly on the red background that can be useful for natural events, ecological presentations and flower presentations, but also you can create any presentations about perfumes, fashion or art events. It can be used as a website background or screen saver.

Green Ivy Powerpoint Templates

Green Ivy

Green Ivy powerpoint template is another green background design with the leave and flower illustrations on the green background color that can be useful for floral, natural, ecological and scientific presentations.

Orange Flowers on Yellow Background

Orange Flowers on Yellow

This free Orange Flowers On Yellow powerpoint template is a nice orange frame design with flowers and white ground that can be very suitable for special days, special organizations and love presentations.

Green Floral Orange Tulips Background

Green Floral Orange Tulips

Green Floral Orange Tulips background template is a modern floral design that has consisted of orange flowers illustrations on the light style background. This powerpoint background design can be perfect choice for your powerpoint presentations.

Blossom Background


Blossom is a free powerpoint background that contains pink flowers and white tiny dots over the pink background color that is very suitable for floral presentations and perfume product advertisements.

Pink Floral on Corner Background

Pink Floral on Corner

Pink Floral On Corner powerpoint background is a nice abstract design with pink flowers the corner of grey background. You can use this theme for many purposes. You can affect to everyone with your presentations.

Beautiful Florals at Corner Background

Beautiful Florals at Corner

This free Beautiful Florals At Corner powerpoint template is a perfect background design for your powerpoint presentations. This template has consisted of floral image on the corner of light background that can be convenient for many purposes.

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