Thursday, September 16, 2021

Food & Drink Powerpoint Templates

This is Free Foods & Drinks Powerpoint Templates.
Our health Foods PowerPoint templates are used by thousands of food professionals, chefs, nutritionists and dietitians a all over the world.

Blue Water Bubbles Background
Food & DrinkPattern

Blue Water Bubbles

This free Blue Water Bubbles powerpoint template is a free abstract background design with water bubbles and light blue background color that can be used for hydraulic presentations or presentations about water, pollution, purification and marketing.

Oranges and Lemons Background
Food & Drink

Oranges and Lemons

This free Orange And Lemons powerpoint background is a nice abstract design that can be used in health presentations, beverage presentations, but also it can be useful for advertisement presentations.

Chocolate and Milk Background
Food & Drink

Chocolate and Milk

This is a free Chocolate And Milk powerpoint template for your powerpoint presentations that requiring a chocolate image in the slide design. This background design can be used for your delicious recipes and food presentations.

Olives Background
Food & Drink


Olives powerpoint background is a free yellow design background that can be used in general purposes. This template consisted of circles and stripes over the yellow background.

Water Splash Background
Food & Drink

Water Splash

A Water Splash powerpoint background design is a free water template design with splashes for water related powerpoint presentations but also you can use this template to create different topic presentations.

Martines Background
Food & Drink


Martines powerpoint template is a perfect background design that can be convenient for any beverage powerpoint presentations and cocktail parties.

Pizza Background
Food & Drink


Pizza powerpoint theme is a nice template design with the pizza box image on the light background color that can be used in fast-food purposes.

Cherry Powerpoint Templates
BlackFood & DrinkRed

Cherry Fruits

Free cherries PowerPoint template is ideal for describing the character of someone close to you. Use free PowerPoint slides to symbolize the sweet character of your friend that came about from good deeds.

Ice-Cream PPT Backgrounds
BrownFood & Drink


Ice-Cream powerpoint template is a nice background design with colorful slices over a colored background that can be useful for drinks&foods presentations.

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