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Abstract Flower on Green Backgrounds

Flower on Green

Abstract Flower On Green powerpoint template is a free abstract flower background design with a sunflower illustration on the green background color that is very suitable for vegetable oil industry, cosmetic products, art events and natural powerpoint presentations.

Abstract Feathers Backgrounds

Abstract Feathers

This free Abstract Feathers powerpoint template is really perfect with a brown border, traditional abstract feather motifs and light effect on the grey background that can be useful for decoration works, interior designs and fashionable events.

Abstract Clouds Background

Clouds abstract

Abstract Clouds powerpoint template is a perfect sky background design that contains clouds with rainbow circles in the sky background. You can use this template for general purposes.

Colored Abstract Lines Backgrounds

Colored Abstract Lines

This free Colored Abstract Lines powerpoint template is a simple but elegant abstract background design with colored lines on the dark background color that can be useful for animation events, business works, educational presentations and web designs.

Abstract Blue Shapes Backgrounds

Blue Shapes

Abstract Blue Shapes powerpoint template has 3-dimensional pieces and lines ober the light background color that can be very suitable for technological, scientific events, biological presentations. This template can be used in the medical field or physics field. It can also be useful for natural powerpoint presentations.

A Wood Bug Backgrounds
Animals & Wildlife

A Wood Bug

A Wood Bug powerpoint template was designed specially for your ecological or natural powerpoint presentations. This template has a wood bug and spider web with greens that can be convenient for gardening events, medical events and biological presentations.

A Scary Night Backgrounds

A Scary Night

A Scary Night powerpoint template is a scary abstract design with a castle, pumpkins and bats over the dark background that is very suitable for Halloween Season, events and parties.

A Purple City Backgrounds
Buildings & Landmarks

A Purple City

A Purple City powerpoint template has a city image as a background with purple sky and white and grey stripes. This template has a bleak outlook that is very suitable for presentations about pollution, noise, drought and irregular urbanization.

Colored Bubbles Backgrounds

Colored Bubbles

Colored Bubbles powerpoint template is a nice abstract background design with colorful water bubbles on the white background color that is very suitable for animation events, funny presentations, business works and fashion events, but also it was designed as a free background art and design presentations.

A Pumpkin Backgrounds

A Pumpkin

A Pumpkin powerpoint template is a perfect vegetable design with sunflowers, mushrooms, pumpkins and greens on the background that you can create any presentations related to healty life, diets, nutrition and vegetables.

Colored Lines and Squares Backgrounds

Colored Lines and Squares

Colored Lines And Squares powerpoint template is a perfect choice for your animation presentations. This template has consisted of colored lines and squares over the shaped background that you can create art, paint, technological and innovation powerpoint presentations.

A Plane on Sky Backgrounds

A Plane on Sky

A Plane On Sky powerpoint template is a nice background design that consisted of a plane imane on sky as a background. This template can be used in introduction of air companies, airlines companies advertisements and travel presentations.

A Mosque on Orange Backgrounds

A Mosque on Orange

A Mosque On Orange powerpoint template is a perfect religious background design with a magnificent mosque image and waves over a orange background that contains also a tiny flower bouquet image on the left corner.

A Deer Backgrounds
Animals & Wildlife


A Deer powerpoint template is perfect choice for your deer, natural and animals powerpoint presentations. This template contains a deer image in the forest on the pink background that can also very suitable for ecological events, natural events and animals presentations.

Tiger Lily on Red Backgrounds

Tiger Lily on Red

Tiger Lily On Red powerpoint template is a great background design with the lilies and butterfly on the red background that can be useful for natural events, ecological presentations and flower presentations, but also you can create any presentations about perfumes, fashion or art events. It can be used as a website background or screen saver.

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