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Malti Drago

Malti Drago
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Hi, I am doing for you powerpoint template designs. Quality designs are available through our website. and to download and use in your projects. Thanks.
Cute Kitten PPT Backgrounds
Animals & WildlifeBlackWhite

Cute Kitten Border Design

This Cute Kitten Border Powerpoint background is composed of a few lovely kittens on the antique pink ground. If you are animal lover and need to do make presentation related to animals, you can use this background.

Classic Flowers Backgrounds

Classic Flower Pattern

This Classic Flower Pattern Powerpoint background is simple and classic example of background. It is composed of clared, white and grey colors and there is a unique harmony with these colors.

Abstraction Leaf PPT Backgrounds

Abstraction Leaf Cuts

This is Abstract Leaves Cut template useful for inspirational, romantic desing, unique harmony of autumn colors. There are some withered leafs in this background and also as you know that yellow, orange and red colors of autumn.

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